About this role
Clinical Research Project Coordinator
Job Summary 

The Clinical Research Project Coordinator (CRPC) will have the opportunity to work within the Vanderbilt Coordinating Center (VCC), housed within the Vanderbilt Institute for Clinical and Translational Research, and will serve to support varying needs across divisions.  The CRPC will be a productive member of the team, and will be mentored and supported in an effort to further develop clinical research skills.  The CRPC’s responsibilities will generally fall underneath project tracking and navigation, clinical trial assistance, study participant interaction, and general administrative support.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center is driven by its Credo. As an employee at VUMC, you are required to exemplify the Credo daily. It is the way we do our work!

  • I make those I serve my highest priority:
    • Answers questions, ensures understanding and facilitates learning.
    • Prioritizes to ensure satisfaction despite time pressures and significant obstacles.
    • Stays accessible to provide assistance and support when needed.
  • I have a sense of ownership:
    • Takes ownership of problems until resolved.
    • Uses appropriate resources to effectively and efficiently resolve problems.
    • Willingly participates in discussions on problem resolution, asks for and provides timely and honest feedback.
    • Works to make progress towards personal and team goals, despite difficulties.
    • Follows departmental policies and procedures. Willingly adapts to new policies and guidelines.
    • Willingly accepts challenging assignments. Works to support organizational changes.
    • Is mindful of cost of organizational resources and works efficiently and effectively to minimize waste (time, supplies, etc.).
  • I conduct myself professionally:
    • Recognizes the increasing diversity of our community and seeks to understand the cultures of the individuals we serve. Communicates and behaves in ways that are culturally appropriate.
    • Continuously learns and improves skills.
    • Strives to maintain personal well-being and balance of work and personal life.
    • Holds self and others accountable for achieving performance expectations.
    • Demonstrates safe working practices and maintains a clean work environment.
    • Exhibits pleasant and amiable behavior during interactions.
    • Remains calm when confronted with or responding to pressure situations.
    • Consistently adheres to department and/or medical center policies.
    • Refrains from loud talk and excessive noise — a quiet environment is important to heal, learn and work.
    • Refrains from criticizing Vanderbilt in the workplace and in the community. Discusses internal issues only with those who need to know or can solve the problem.
  • I respect privacy and confidentiality:
    • Maintains the confidentiality of sensitive information.
    • Discusses confidential matters in a private area and only with the appropriate person(s).
    • Keeps written/electronic information out of the view of others and disposes of written information appropriately.
    • Knocks prior to entering an office or patient’s room. Asks permission to enter and identifies self using AIDET techniques where appropriate.
    • Follows organizational systems, policies and procedures.
  • I communicate effectively:
    • Introduces self to others.
    • Wears ID badge above the waist where name and title are easily visible. Staff member obtains a temporary badge when they do not have an ID.
    • Smiles, makes eye contact and greets others. Speaks in a culturally appropriate and understandable manner. Shows concern and interest; actively listens.
    • Recognizes that body language and tone of voice are important parts of communication and uses them appropriately. Continuously gives positive messages through tone of voice and body language.
    • Listens and responds professionally to dissatisfied, patients, visitors and/or colleagues.
    • Creates clear, complete written communications. Considers perspective and knowledge-level of recipient. Solicits input on communications.
    • Communicates in a timely and appropriate manner. (Example: Does not use email to resolve complex issues or to address emotionally charged situations.)
  • I am committed to my colleagues:
    • Treats all individuals fairly and with respect.
    • Provides constructive feedback privately.
    • Promotes cooperation within and across departments.
    • Provides open and honest communication to peers and to all members of the Vanderbilt Community.
Organizational Performance
All job performance relates to the strategic goals of VUMC:
  • People Pillar – We nurture a caring, culturally sensitive, and professional atmosphere as we continuously invest in the individual and collective aspirations of our people.
  • Service Pillar – Collegiality is a central characteristic of our culture and defines how we serve our patients, those we teach, and the local and worldwide community.
  • Quality Pillar – We relentlessly pursue and measure ourselves against the highest quality performance in all areas, from patient care to scholarship.
  • Growth & Finance Pillar – We invest our resources in a manner that supports our long-term obligation to society; to achieve local, national and worldwide impact in improving health.
  • Innovation Pillar – We seek excellence and leadership as we advance our systems of care, educational practices and our commitment to discovery.
Preferred Qualifications
Education Required: Associate’s
·         Required time in field previous to employment: 2 Year(s)
·         Experience with Microsoft Excel

·         Knowledge of medical terminology

·         Project management with long-term projects

·         Working with data, including preparation of quality graphs and tables

·         Good professional writing and communication

·         Good organizational and prioritizing capabilities

·         Critical thinking abilities



Highly Desirable Qualifications

·         Good presentation and PowerPoint skills

·         Experience working within an academic medical center

·         Clinical trial or other general databases (such as REDCap, a Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) or Microsoft Access)

·         Expert in Microsoft Excel

·         Previous clinical trial internship



Job Requirements
Physical Requirements
(positions classified with this job-code may require many or all of the following physical requirements)
Mobility: (Ability to assist in the movement of objects)
• Sitting • Bending • Lifting • Pulling
• Pushing • Walking • Stooping • Standing
• Turning
Dexterity: (Ability to manipulate objects)
• Reaching • Grasping • Handling
Visual: (Ability to recognize, register, and respond)
• Color recognition • Depth perception • Reading / Close-up work • Graphing
• Calibration
Communication: (Ability to understand, respond and translate into action)
• Communication
Environmental Conditions
(positions classified with this job-code may require work in or near the following environmental conditions)
• Normal office environment
Atmospheric Conditions:
Vanderbilt University is an Equal Opportunity Employer and adheres to the parameters of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act as amended, we will provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities and encourage both prospective and current employees to discuss potential reasonable accommodations with us.
VUMC Policy and Regulatory Requirements
VUMC Policy Requirements
(required upon completion of orientation for all jobs)
Regulatory Requirements
(required upon completion of orientation for specific jobs)
• Review of Standards of Conduct and Confidentiality (None)
• Conflict of Interest Disclosure
• Immunization and Screening Compliance
• Review of HR Policies
• Review of Dress Code
• Universal Safety Training
• Privacy and Security (HIPAA) Training

Health Information Categories

Patient privacy is taken seriously at VUMC. As an employee, you are required to protect the privacy and confidentiality of our patients. Based on the responsibilities of this position, your access to patient information should be limited to the following:
Key Functions and Expected Performances

Project Tracking and Navigation


Clinical Trial Assistance


Study Participant Interaction


General Administrative Support