The B2i (Business Intelligence and Informatics) team empowers the VCC to create unrestricted workflows. They are responsible for the creation, maintenance and user experience associated with our CTMS system entitled DASH (Database Application for System Harmonization). DASH is a custom, internally-created clinical trial management application that leverages the strengths of multiple programs combined with many custom-built features. DASH is the foundation of all workflows within the VCC, providing order, automation, reporting, and tailored user experiences. Additionally, DASH allows the VCC to visualize operations in an endless and meaningful way, creating unmatched opportunities for operational insights. A unique strength in our B2i team is that every member has had personal experience supporting clinical trials work from another perspective prior to transitioning to informatics. They therefore have a deep, firsthand understanding of what it takes to get virtually all jobs within the VCC done. This allows them to build creative solutions that truly meet our needs and makes them an incredibly popular resource amongst all of the VCC staff.



VCC Staff Support and General User Support provided by our Application Specialist include:

  • Access
  • Training
  • Development of policies/procedures for system use
  • Managing ticket system to track issues

Backend Database Support provided by our Data Specialists include:

  • New Database Builds
  • Variable Source Mapping
  • Data Source Documentation for all Studies
  • Notification Management
David McKeel
Division Manager
Dave Aamodt
Associate Application Analyst
Maya Cook
Associate Application Analyst
Sahar Ko
Associate Application Analyst
Kalley Mankowski
Associate Application Analyst
Dirk Orozco
Associate Application Specialist